IRIS Connect exists to bridge the gap between effective professional development and classroom practice. Through its video-based CPD platform, teachers can reflect on their own teaching practice, collaborate with colleagues and share expertise to further develop their teaching quality and improve pupil learning outcomes.

Driven by a community of over 100,000 educators in 50+ countries worldwide, IRIS Connect has grown into an internationally recognised brand. We have been privileged to see that schools and teachers across the globe have similar goals such as maximising outcomes for every learner, but we also recognise and address the regional context and cultural differences.

We apply adaptive expertise and passion to support educators to provide great teaching and learning at all key stage levels and all along their career. Together, we will raise the next generation of experts.

Bridging the gap between theory and classroom practice with UnityPD

The unified professional development solution, UnityPD, unites everything that the research shows is needed to bridge the gap between theory and classroom practice. Reach your development goals by accessing the latest evidence-based teaching theory & models, gaining deep insights into your own classroom practice, and bridging the gap between the two by following a personalised coaching, collaborative or self-reflective pathway.

See examples of UnityPD in practice:


Join over 100,000 teachers in 50+ countries worldwide who trust in IRIS Connect for their continuous professional development!

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