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LEGO Education logoFor over 35 years, LEGO Education® has been working with teachers and educational specialists to provide solutions and resources that are used in the classroom to bring subjects to life and make learning fun. Our portfolio inspires interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Math and the Humanities. With educational sets, activity packs, teacher resources and programming tools we can make learning inspiring and meet your curriculum needs.

LEGO Education® is based in Billund, Denmark. As part of the LEGO Group, we have offices across the globe and more than 180 employees who share the Group vision to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. Ultimately LEGO Education® strives to encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future.

Hands-on learning

WeDo - The WeDo Construction Set enables students to build and program simple LEGO models that are plugged into a computer. The set contains more than 150 elements, including a motor, motion and tilt sensors, and the LEGO USB Hub. It reinforces skills like designing and making; brainstorming to find creative alternative solutions; and learning to communicate, share ideas and work together.




StoryStarter - StoryStarter is a hands-on, minds-on literacy solution designed to create confident writers and readers in elementary schools. StoryStarter consists of a unique LEGO set combined with curriculum and software designed to engage and teach students within Language Arts and also focusing on developing 21st Century skills.

LEGO Mindstorm EV3 - EV3 is ideal for introducing students to math, computer science, science, and design and technology and then guiding them toward more complex challenges. All EV3 activities are designed to:

  • Be delivered within a 45-minute class session

  • Be solved by students in digital workbooks within the EV3 Software.

  • Include robotic hardware, software programming, and immediate and visible results.

  • Integrate a step-by-step guide with the EV3 Software for students and teachers to follow.