Founded in July 2017, Matatalab is a technology education company striving to provide professional STEAM learning solutions for worldwide educational institutions and families. Aiming to shape innovative learning and entertainment experiences with the help of technology, and develop children's ability and confidence to face and change the world, Matatalab perfectly combines technology and education that develops a series of tangible coding products to ultimately cultivate computational thinking skills through coding.



Matatalab STEAM Learning Solution for Elementary Education


Matatalab Tangible Programming Language

Matatalab tangible programming language is suitable for children aged 3 to 9. Rather than using pictures and words on a computer screen, it uses physical blocks and buttons to represent various programming elements, commands, and flow-of-control structures. By arranging (or pressing) and combining these blocks or buttons, children can create programs and control a robot's behavior.


Innovative Teaching Tools

Following children's cognitive growth, Matatalab develops innovative teaching tools to meet the various needs of kids in different stages, from entry level learning robot set Tale-Bot Pro, to comprehensive hands-on coding robot Matatalab Pro set


Standard-Aligned Curriculum

Matatalab provides standard-aligned curriculums and activity cards with different language versions and cross-curricular coding activities.


Professional Development

Get empowered with strategies for success with our Matatalab Edu PD training. Matatalab is committed to fostering the 4C's and computational thinking skills in 21st-century classrooms.


MatataWorld Robotics Competition

MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC) is a global robotics competition platform for kids to develop their programming logic and further improve their scientific literacy through the game-based STEAM challenge.




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