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Oracle AcademyThe Oracle Academy has been supporting computer education since 1993 and has been training teachers to teach computer science (CS) for more than a decade. It now annually helps more than 3.1 million students in 110 countries to gain industry-relevant CS and engineering skills.

Computer Science at all levels 

Few subjects will open as many doors for students in the 21st century as computer skills (CS) and engineering. With the aim of deepening students' interest and helping them become college and career ready, the Oracle Academy leverages its global technology leadership to offer a complete portfolio of computer science education resources to secondary schools; technical, vocational, and two-year colleges; and 4-year colleges and universities. Students develop IT and business skills while using production software used widely across hundreds of industries, and educators keep pace with current technology through ongoing professional development.

Introduction to Computer Science 

The Oracle Academy Workshops are designed to make first experiences with computing fun and engaging, while still leveraging best academic practices like project-based learning and offering educators methods for assessment. Prepare your students for university-level CS studies and equip them with the IT skills they need to compete in today's job market.

Self Study Courses: Alice and Greenfoot

Discover how to create games, simulations and other graphical programs using basic Java programming with these free self-study courses.

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