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Revolutionizing Learning Experiences through Innovative Technology


At SMART Technologies, we believe that the most impactful learning experiences are those that are collaborative, accessible, engaging, and meaningful. Our mission is to provide innovative technology that fosters these meaningful connections, enhancing the way people learn and work together.

Our legacy of enhancing collaboration both in classrooms and workplaces spans over three decades, and all of our products are purpose-built with our foundation in pedagogy at the core. SMART’s technology differs from your average ‘smart technology.' Our solutions are designed to augment and simplify the processes of teaching, learning, collaborating, and communicating.

But at SMART, our connections extend beyond technology. We’re about connecting people, ideas, cultures, and industry partners. Our technology acts as a bridge, bringing these connections to life and making them matter.

SMART Interactive Displays for Education

Our technology is user-friendly, reliable, and designed with the user’s data security and privacy at the forefront. We’re proud of the longevity of our products – they are designed to evolve with the user’s needs, ensuring their continued relevance in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our family of Interactive displays offer options for any budget, and are designed with industry-leading upgradability for better short and long-term investment. They help schools get the most our of investments in student devices by supporting easy-to-navigate connectivity for students, no matter where they are.

SMART displays feature built-in content and resources and are simple to use, saving teachers time and energy every day. They’re also designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind – so with SMART displays, there’s room for everyone.


Created by SMART, Lumio is a digital learning tool chosen for it’s ease of use, flexibility, and unparalleled student engagement by teachers around the world. Lumio is intentionally grounded in learning sciences, tailor-made to cater to the needs of all learners, and specifically designed to improve student outcomes – it’s not just fun, it works. Certified by Veracity, Digital Promise, and other organizations, Lumio provides more ways to engage students along with relevant, connected content that ignites students’ creativity and promotes curiosity and collaboration.

In an era where technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, SMART Technologies is dedicated to making a difference where it matters most - in our classrooms and workplaces. Join us in our mission to create connections that matter. Together, let's shape the future of learning.




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