STAEDTLER, Head of ideas

It all starts with an idea. Some ideas are quiet and transform our immediate environment, others are groundbreaking and have global impact. Whether kindergarten child, architect or artist: There is no monopoly on good ideas. At STAEDTLER, we believe in all these ideas – and in bringing them to the world. We are manifesting this attitude in our figurative mark, the head of Mars, and our brand claim: Head of ideas. We see our products as an ally. They make it possible to bring your own imagination to life. Because if you paint, draw, model, design and formulate, you can create something new. And sometimes turn the world upside down with your ideas. Just like we at STAEDTLER do again and again to this day.

We at STAEDTLER see ourselves as a lifelong brand. With our wide range of products, we accompany people from their first attempts at drawing in early childhood to creative work at an older age. We offer exactly the right products for every age group – tailored to their needs – and guarantee the highest quality at all times. In the early years of life, children are already laying the foundations for successful learning later on and thus for good development opportunities. We want to use our products, such as those from the Noris junior or the Noris jumbo range, to promote children’s individual abilities.

Creative children can react faster to new situations and find solutions to problems by improvising and going beyond classic thinking patterns. We encourage creative development right from the start. Every child has creative potential from birth, just waiting to be used. Visual arts foster fine motor skills and the visual spatial thinking of children required for learning. The drive to discover, interact and observe begins in early childhood. With the age-appropriate product concept, we support children in the various phases of their rapid development. Writing, drawing, painting and crafting skills are the foundations for maintaining human cognitive and motor skills. This philosophy is the cornerstone of STAEDTLER, and consequently we give children at all development levels the right pen or pencil.

Our idea: The right pen or pencil for every age

With our age-appropriate product concept, we support children in the various phases of their development. Analogue techniques such as writing and painting lay the foundation for the development of human mental and motor skills.



Noris junior:

Noris junior makes it possible for even the smallest children to reach their full potential. The 2+ series stands for fun, EASY operation and environmentally friendly and SAFE products (PLAY – EASY – ECO – SAFE). The range guarantees educationally valuable playing experiences. The particularly thick and compact pencil shape fits perfectly into small children’s hands – making drawing even more fun. We obtain dermatological expert opinions for Noris junior products. 

Noris Jumbo:

The Noris Jumbo range lets young children discover their own creativity. The 4+ series stands for exploration, fun, EASY handling and environmentally friendly and SAFE products (EXPLORE – EASY – ECO – SAFE). The triangular pencil shape supports the learning of the “3-point finger grip”. The jumbo format is made for small children’s hands to make drawing pleasant. We also obtain dermatological assessments for our Noris jumbo products.

Analogue and digital: two worlds, one vision

Even tried and tested writing instruments must be re-imagined for the digital age. With the Noris digital range, we combine the nostalgic charm of the classic pencil with innovative stylus technology. The intelligent concept combines the best of both worlds in one product: “We at STAEDTLER believe that analogue activities such as writing and drawing are subject to digital transformation, but are at the same time an important part of it”, explains Axel Marx, CEO of the STAEDTLER Group. “We want to create a balance between these two worlds – and bring the pen, as we know it, in line with the digital world. “


STAEDTLER is one of Germany's oldest industrial companies. The group ranks among the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, colouring, drawing and modelling products. With its products, STAEDTLER inspires the creativity of its customers throughout their life: from their first attempts at colouring in early childhood to products for creative work. The writing and creative goods manufacturer offers a wide range of high-quality products for all ages and demands, constantly developing new approaches to connect analogue tradition and digital innovation. STAEDTLER headquarters are located in Nuremberg. It currently employs more than 2,300 people in 26 countries worldwide - of which approx. 1,200 work in STAEDTLER'S domestic market. For production the company stays true to its roots and counts on quality "Made in Germany": nearly two-thirds of all STAEDTLER products are manufactured in Germany.

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