ATA FCL tries to provide students with effective and permanent learning by using teaching methods such as active learning, blended learning, inquiry-based learning and multiple intelligence theory within the scope of constructivist approach in flexible learning areas supported by technology.

The target group is primary school students between the ages of 7-10 and teachers from different branches. The main goal in all activities and applications carried out in the classroom is to make the student an active learner who seeks solutions to real life problems, questions, takes responsibility for learning individually or in a team, communicates effectively and cooperates with others. In this context, interdisciplinary learning scenarios are created by connecting the content from various disciplines in the curriculum with contemporary and global themes. Students have a much more comprehensive research network with the technological facilities of the ATA FCL. Thanks to flexible furniture, students can easily move between learning spaces and continue their teamwork. The use of mobile devices, tablets and laptops in the classroom increases students' individual participation in the learning process. Interactive content and games are used in learning scenarios to increase interaction and motivation.

Interact Zone: It is in the section where the interactive board is located. In this area, students participate in interactive activities using their own tablets.

Investigate Zone: There are microscope and Arduino sets. In addition, with Scratch coding studies, robotic coding materials, students explore, research and evaluate the results themselves.

Exchange Zone: In this area, students can use their tablets, activities are carried out on STEM studies.

Develop Zone: In this area, there is flexible furniture, and students take part in mind and intelligence games. In addition, students develop their digital literacy by using their own tablets.

Create Zone: In this area, our students use their tablets, video editing applications and audio recorders. With the technologies used in this learning area, students perform activities such as creating and editing videos and preparing animations.

Present Zone: In this area, students present their work in the presentation corner. Feedback is received on the presentations made using video and audio recording devices.

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Address: ŞEHİT MAHMUT USLU PRIMARY SCHOOL, Ata Mah. 3754.Cad.No:16/1 Yenimahalle, ANKARA, Turkey


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