The flexible learning area can be used by all students and teachers in the school. According to the weekly timetable, students and teachers carry out their studies using these areas. Students can also work on their projects when the area is available. Every year our classes participate in national or international projects and competitions. In these projects, our students can perform collaborative and active learning in our FCL classroom. They can easily access information thanks to the technological tools in the classroom. In project-based learning, students work both individually and in groups and they also must be active in the class. Our flexible learning area and tables and chairs that can be easily moved to different shapes allow students to work comfortably individually and come together again as a group in project-based and cooperative learning. The “investigate” zone includes robots, legos, laptops and tablets. There is also a smart board. Technological tools in the investigate zone encourage students through project-based learning. Legos and robots contribute to students' learning and model building by exploring. In the investigate area, students do their research using laptops and tablets. We use safe internet in our school, and we also provide training to our students on e-security. In the investigate zone, our students get information from reliable internet sources using laptops and tablets. There is a greenscreen platform in the “create” zone. There is a high resolution camera, lighting and microphone system for students to present their products. Animation creation and video editing studies are carried out with computers in this field. These studies contribute to the students' learning by doing and to develop their teamwork and presentation skills. . Using the “create” zone and the greenscreen students prepared educational videos about climate change and sustainability in a project they participated in and posted them on social media platforms. Mini robot kits, maker kits and portable devices are used in the “develop” zone. Technological tools in the field of “develop” allow students to work individually at their own pace and to work in teams. In develop zone students developed designs for how future smart factories would be using mini robots and robotic kits in a competition they participated in on how to robotize future smart factories. The “exchange” zone is covered with blackboard paper, which allows students to brainstorm. In this way, students can draw their mind maps on the wall while they are brainstorming. The “present” zone is designed as a whole with the “exchange” zone. Students who brainstorm in cooperation can make their presentations with the audio and video recording tools in the “present” zone. The “interact” zone is the area where students discuss and question. There are beanbag chairs and cushions where students will feel comfortable. Inquiries and discussions can be supported with tablets, laptops and smartphones. 

Commercial partners

Turkcell Communication Services Inc. is a mobile phone operator of Turkey. Turkcell creates technology-supported classrooms for gifted children with the Intelligence Power project carried out in Science and Art Education Centers under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education. As part of this project, a technology class was created for our school by Turkcell. Maker kits, robotic kits and laptops were donated by Turkcell. 

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