Aula 3.0, Italy

Aula 3.0 is a Learning Space which now consists of 4 classrooms funded by a mixture of internal resources,commercial partners and the Chinese Ministry of Education(Confucius classroom). The activities of Aula 3.0 include planning and carrying out at least 1 teaching unit of every subject in this learning space, group work, project, debates, students' presentations, hands on activities, as well as teachers' training. The main target groups in this Learning Space are:

  • Students aged 14 to 19 (1500 students)
  • Teachers (150 professors)

Aula 3.0 supports changing styles of teaching and learning in a reconfigurable space divided into five "work-island". Each work-island has a working interactive station consists of a PC and monitor , projector/ LIM and panel board, keyboard and mouse Wifi. The projectors communicate through wired network (LAN), while one image can be projected on all screens. Using Google cloud the sharing of files, programmes and educational contents is made possible. Two of the classrooms are equipped with a wireless headphones system. 

Commercial Partners:

  • Acer
  • Epson
  • Philips
  • Toshiba

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IIS "Luca Pacioli" CREMA ITALY
via Delle Grazie, 6
26013 CREMA CR


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