Bayburt FCL (TR)

Bayburt FCL developed in 2019 at Bayburt Gaziler Secondary School in Centre district of Bayburt Province in Turkey as a hub for innovative teaching and learning. Bayburt FCL is not open only to the school's students and teachers but also to all the teachers and the students in the district. We organize workshops regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools, Green Screen Technology and robotics for the future teachers who have the enthusiasm to acquire the role of the educator who works on the 21st century competences.

This project was conducted within the scope of Tübitak 4006 Science Fairs. Project name 'Design of My Dream Classroom'. Our target audience are students between the ages of 11 and 15. In our lab students have the opportunity to explore the daily life in computer environment. Main activities are coding, simulations, video recording and editing, web 2.0 tools, Ecolab and focusing on STEM.

Technologies used in our lab are Football Manager, City Planning, Airplane Simulation Chrome Key, 3D printer, tablet, laptop, interactive and online coding via Arduino and a smart board.

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Gaziler Middle School

Zahit Mahallesi Ülkem Sokak No:1 Merkez

Bayburt , Turkey