Be Innovative Lab - BIL

Our BIL was the first innovative learning environment of our school grouping and also of our district. It was inaugurated on May 29, 2019. It was created for students from kindergarten through high school and also for teacher training. The intention behind the creation was to create BIL with valences for students with specific needs. We didn't want a sensory space, but we wanted it to be sensory as well. For that we acquired specific equipment to be used with students with specific needs.

Our group of schools participates in several Erasmus+ projects and BIL is used to receive students and teachers in mobility and to develop project activities.

The BIL has a 2 x 6 m writing wall that can also be used with projection and interaction. It also has two 4K interactive screens, one with the ability to stand horizontally and act as an interactive table, a 3D smartTV, Playstation VR, 3D printer, portable interactive projector, chroma key, mini-Bots, Blue-bot, InO-bot, Pro-Bot, Spike, sound system, tablets, personal computers and many other equipment. All the equipment combined with the ease of reconfiguring the room and the comfort of pufs, sofas and chairs, make it a very interesting room for students and teachers. The capacity of the room is 20 students, and it can receive more but its functionality is reduced.


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