In BISTEM FCL Learning Area, activities are carried out from the 1st grade to the 4th grade in primary school. The first of the studies in this field is the STEM-based learning approach. STEM applications continue from the 1st grade to the 4th grade within the framework of the guide program prepared for primary schools. Teachers apply problem-based learning methods in Science and Mathematics classes in accordance with the education program. In these studies, mathematical models are produced, science experiments are carried out, and observation and application studies are carried out on improving scientific process skills. BISTEM FCL contributes to teachers in creating blended learning environments in distance education processes. It has the capacity to provide teachers with the necessary materials for creating lesson presentations, organizing live lessons and in-school applications. Thus, Flipped Classroom applications can be made when necessary. In addition, design-based learning approaches are carried out in learning area and the ADDIE learning model is tested with STEM Applications With ADDIE project. The interactive board is used for digital presentations and a tripod is used for video shooting in Presentation and Interaction Area. The Collaboration Area was supported with science and math models, science experiment sets, microscope, WR glasses and arduino sets. In Production area, mBot robot kit, solar energy kit, lego game set are used to help students get to know robotic kits, use them in their projects, and learn basic coding studies. The Development Area is equipped with interactive whiteboard, internet connection, science and math models, experiment sets and educational consumables in order to evaluate the STEM activities carried out and to develop the products or experiments revealed as a result of this evaluation. 

Partnership: We did not work with a commercial partner when creating our BISTEM FCL learning space. Necessary materials were provided by our Ministry of National Education and especially by our parent-teacher association. 

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Serkan Topbaş- Primary School