25 mar

Online course: Bullying – Not in my class! Creating Safe Learning Environments for Students

  • online
  • educational authorities, general public, parents, teachers
  • Teacher Academy
  • Innovation
  • massive open online course (MOOC)
  • English

Bullying in schools is an age-old, persistent problem which damages the wellbeing of students and their school results. This online course empowers teachers to prevent, identify and tackle old and new forms of bullying. Step into the shoes of an at risk student, discuss how social emotional competencies can prevent peer abuse and delve into helpful resources.

The course runs for 3.5 weeks, with a total number of 3 modules (one module per week), and 1.5 extra-grace weeks at the end of the course. The estimated workload is 3 hours per week.

URL: http://academy.schooleducationgateway.eu/web/bullying-not-in-my-class-creating-safe-learning-environments-for-students?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=eun.org&utm_campaign=Bullying+MOOC&utm_content=calendar+event

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