Leba Innovation

LEBA InnovationLEBA Innovation A/S is a Danish company with over 10 years of research, development and sales excellence, creating innovative solutions for customers throughout Europe. We have developed our products in collaboration with schools and educational institutions as a whole. We base our products on everyday life in educational settings. Therefore we are keen on serving you and your IT equipment with the highest level of quality, functionality and flexibility. The constant development of our products is important for us as a means of ensuring you that our products always live up to the highest educational standards and requirements and to yours as well.

Flexible and safe storage, charging and synchronisation

NoteCart – For the transport, storage and recharging of laptop computers in schools and educational institutions. It means that notebooks are where students are, fully uploaded and ready for use.

NoteLocker - For the storage and recharging of notebooks, PDAs, iOS devices and other electronic equipment, we have developed and produced a unique cabinet. Students who bring their own electronic equipment can store it securely and have it recharged at the same time when it is not in use.

NoteCase - A range of robust and compact cases for tablets and mini tablets to make them easy to move to where required.

NoteSync/ NoteSync Lite - To make synchronisation and administration of iPads, iPhones, iPods and other tablets easy.

Further information

Website: http://leba-innovation.com/Default.aspx?ID=142