22 Mar

Webinar: Developing entrepreneurial skills and mind-set through education: the why, when and how of using EntreComp

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A revised key competence framework is now being agreed at EU level, where the entrepreneurship competence will again be included. Yet recent research shows that countries are still working to mainstream entrepreneurial skills and mind-set into education and training at system level.

The New Skills Agenda for Europe which is set to be a primary tool to guide and support implementation of entrepreneurial education in Europe. This webinar is an opportunity to have an expert introduction to the new EntreComp framework, launched as part of the New Skills Agenda. The session will help you understand the EntreComp framework and how it can be used at policy and practice level, and introduce you to practical examples of how it has been implemented at policy level using case studies taken from the recently launched EntreComp into Action user guide.

URL: https://groups.schooleducationgateway.eu/21/pages/page/221

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