CEIP El Llano

The creation of the Future Classroom Lab came about in response to a change in the physical space of the school, when the buildings were remodelled. In such a modern school, we felt that we needed a space where we could change the methodology (which was already being used in pre-primary stage) for more active and more dynamic ones and with a different organisation of furniture to the traditional one, which would allow group dynamics, cooperatives and STEAM work.

With the Future Classroom Lab we aim to provide a more personalised learning experience, using technology and educational resources adapted to the individual needs and abilities of the students.

We also aim to generalise the promotion of active and collaborative learning at all levels to have a space where students work together to solve problems and develop social and emotional skills and to have flexible furniture that allows for easy change in the organisation.

Finally a greater integration of technology in the classroom with programming and/or computer work, STEAM disciplines to research and create digital teaching materials and resources, helping teachers to integrate technology into their projects, as we have robots, 3D printers, tablets, digital panels, laptops and a very powerful School Radio project that is 37 years old.

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Address: Avd Ramón y Cajal, 33, 06260 Monesterio, Badajoz, Spain

Contact: Headmaster/headmistress - cp.llano@edu.juntaex.es