CEIP Gregoria Artacho

The Future Classroom Lab of our educational centre is housed in several school spaces where students can work on the different areas: Investigate, Interact, Develop, Explore, Present and Create. These spaces are ideal to carry out the school initiative "Free Disposal Projects" and to work on the content in a competent and practical way.

The three FCL pillars are connected: flexible spaces, active methodologies and educational technologies. Thus, the Interact zone has been equipped with corks (e.g. for brainstorming) and Chrome (e.g. for brainstorming), for brainstorming) and Chromebooks; Develops, with four folding tables with wheels and chairs that can be easily moved according to the need of the activity; Creates is divided into two spaces (the center radio and the chroma) and we are waiting for a 3D printer; Explores contains different robotic materials such as Lego Mindstorm, Spike essential, micro boards: bit and Mackey Mackey; Investiga is a space equipped with computers and a tablet cart; and finally, Presenta is located in the hall and has a projector and puffs, which will be replaced by wooden benches.

In this way, the implementation of the Future Classroom Lab promotes and facilitates the educational transformation in which the development of basic competencies takes on greater relevance, placing the students at the center of the teaching and learning processes.

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Address: C/ los Arrañales, 1, 26350 Cenicero, La Rioja, Spain

Contact: Headmaster/headmistress - ceip.gartacho@larioja.edu.es