CEIP Orokieta Herri Eskola

The Future Classrooom Lab of CEIP Orokieta Herri Eskola is designed for the development of interdisciplinary projects, divided into four phases: thinking, researching, designing, collaborating, doing and communicating. It consists of two independent spaces divided into learning areas.

The main classroom is a space of 100m2, which has two digital screens, and robotics, laboratory and handicraft material. The presentation area consists of a bleacher and a digital whiteboard. The classroom furniture is flexible and can be easily adapted to the activities to be carried out.

The audiovisual classroom has an area of 35m2, which has a radio installation, and a television set with Chroma key.

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Address: Da dos direcciones: una para el colegio de Pre-primary (Pagoeta Kalea, 6, 20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain) y otro para el de Primaria (Araba Kalea, 56, 20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain)

Contact: Headmaster/headmistress - orokietaherrieskola@orokietaikaskom.com

Website: https://auladelfuturo.intef.es/experiencias/nuevas-metodologias-y-nuevos-espacios-el-ceip-orokieta/