CEIP Virgen de las Maravillas, Murcia

CEIP Virgen de las Maravillas is a public school in the municipality of Cehegín in the Region of Murcia, a town in the northwestern region of about 16,000 inhabitants. We are an enterprising centre that joins the different offers and educational programmes that the Regional Ministry and the Ministry are presenting. Proof of this is the large number of projects in which our school participates, all of them related to health education, environmental conservation, languages and new technologies.

In recent years, the centre is committed to a methodological change through the transformation of spaces to respond to current social and educational demands. For this reason, the Future Classroom Lab has been implemented in the centre, which proposes to exploit the pedagogical possibilities of making learning spaces more flexible in combination with technologies to improve teaching and learning processes through active methodologies, both for Pre-primary and Primary stages, thus developing a competent learning for all based on the universal design of learning.

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Address: C/ Begastri, 3, 30430, Cehegín, Murcia, Spain

Contact: Headmaster/headmistress - 30002532@murciaeduca.es

Website: https://www.murciaeduca.es/cpvirgendelasmaravillas/sitio/index.cgi?wid_seccion=27&wid_item=142