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The Language Teacher Training Center is beginning to adapt the spaces available to it by establishing defined learning spaces that will serve to show the training and classroom application possibilities when courses are held for teachers from all over Castilla y León.

The objectives of establishing these learning spaces are:

  • To publicise and disseminate the concept of the Future Classroom Lab to teachers.
  • To use the center's spaces in a more practical way that involves the development of 21st century competencies.
  • To show how the Future Classroom Lab can be put into practice and adapted to the needs of each context.
  • To make visible how to establish lines of center that make possible to put into practice a broader concept that leads us to consider a Future Classroom Lab Center.
  • Five learning spaces have been established that correspond to the characteristics of the different classrooms in the center:
  • Present, which is the largest classroom with a digital screen, where the activities of exposition and presentation of information are held.
  • Interact, which is a smaller classroom with the arrangement of tables in a circle, which is used for meetings and situations involving exchange of opinions, dialogue and communication.
  • Investigate, which is a classroom equipped with computers and digital screens, where you can research and work individually and autonomously, or in groups to carry out joint projects.
  • Develop, which is a quiet area with access to magazines, publications and other resources that allow you to explore topics of interest in a more informal way.
  • Create, which is a smaller classroom with individual chairs that allow greater mobility and more flexible furniture distribution to work collaboratively in the creation of joint projects.

In addition to these spaces, we have a classroom dedicated exclusively to the development of these competencies, which will be our Future Classroom Lab, with flexible furniture and ample space to share ideas, a vinyl whiteboard covering an entire wall and technological equipment that we will be implementing soon.

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