Coll@borative Learning Environments

The lab is composed of 2 interconnected rooms:

  • One room is fitted with computers and an interactive display. Computers are separated but separation panels can be easily removed so as to allow pair or group work.
  • The other room has the different learning zones (Interact, Exchange, Investigate, Create, Present and Develop). It consists of individual chairs with side table and an interactive display, 4 tables for group work, the video/photo production area, the robotics area. There is also an electronic microscope and 10 tablet computers.

The target audience of both rooms ranges from primary school pupils to upper secondary. Primary school pupils are usually taught programming and robotics, whereas the remaining grades are usually involved in collaborative and presentation work, student-centered pedagogical approaches like flipped classroom, research and project-based learning. The room is also fitted with a high-speed internet connection.


Commercial partnership

There are no commercial partners involved. The room was created using EU funds from the municipality.


More information

  • Website Agrupamento de Escolas de Penalva do Castelo





Rua da Escola: Penalva do Castelo: Viseu: 3550-140: Portugal