Active learning in my school and classroom

Postponed! The new dates will be announced at a later date. 

About the course

During this course the participants will experience and explore a student-centred, active learning pedagogy. At the same time, they will experience and explore the role of the space design and the integration of educational technology. The course takes place in the Future Classroom Lab with six learning zones each representing a core pedagogical concept.

The main objective of the course is that participants will be able to understand the different parameters to organise learning according to the active learning principles and be empowered to make changes, both in their teaching practices, as well as on the level of school organisation. The introduction of the free online scenario tool will contribute to sustainable changes.

Key competences

This course includes content and activities that develop the following competences according to the digital competence framework of the European Commission's Selfie for Teachers tool.


Area 1 - Professional engagement

  • Digital technologies to B2 level
  • Professional Learning to B2 level


Area 2 – Digital Resources

  • Creating to B2 level



Area 3 – Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching to B2 level
  • Collaborative Learning to B2 level
  • Emerging Technologies to B1 level

Area 4 – Assessment

  • Feedback and Planning to B1 level


Area 5 – Empowering Learners

  • Differentiation and Personalisation to B1 level
  • Actively Engaging Learners to C1 level

For more information about the competences and the proficiency levels see the Selfie for Teachers Toolkit here.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the active learning model.
  • Explore ways to move from a static to a dynamic classroom.
  • Explore how space design and technology can support active learning pedagogies.
  • Learn and experience active learning formats and activities.
  • Experience the different pedagogical verbs of a Future Classroom Lab.
  • Designing learning activities integrating educational technologies.
  • Learn about new ways of assessment.
  • Experience and learn about Future Classroom scenarios.
  • Design Future Classroom scenarios with a free online tool.
  • Explore how to change the classroom and school environment.
  • Experience and design active learning practices for a remote setting.


The course combines both hands-on activities and background information, that will enable teachers to transform their teaching practices into one that promote active learning facilitated by innovative learning environments and the use of relevant educational technology. The course also employs collaborative and peer learning: communication and collaboration with multicultural group of participants; sharing of practice, etc.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at teachers of all levels and subjects, who want to adapt the principles of active learning into their teaching practice, and teachers and coordinators who consider designing or adapting learning spaces at school. 


All courses will be delivered in English and the participants must have at least solid basic skills in English language (listening, speaking) to be able to follow up the instruction and take part in the course activities.

Read more Practical information here.