Interactive technologies for the future classroom

About the course

A common challenge that teachers face in the traditional classroom setting is getting all students actively involved. Here, well-chosen technology can help pupils to move from ‘audience' into active learners. ICT provides opportunities for students to be active in different ways that support their own learning styles. This also can help the teacher to move away from the teacher-led lessons.

In this course the participants will reflect on the pedagogical principles which enable interactive and collaborative learning settings and environments. The participants will learn in this course tools and methodologies to increase and enhance the level of interaction in the classroom, such as presenting and collaboration, digital storytelling, video and audio, interactive exercises, and gamification.

Key competences

This course includes content and activities that develop the following competences according to the digital competence framework of the European Commission's Selfie for Teachers tool.


Area 1 - Professional Engagement

  • Professional Collaboration to B1 level
  • Professional Learning to B2 level


Area 2 - Digital Resources

  • Creating to B2 level


Area 3 - Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching to B2 level
  • Collaborative Learning to B2 level
  • Emerging Technologies to B1 level


Area 4 - Assessment

  • Feedback and Planning to B1 level


Area 5 - Empowering Learners

  • Differentiation and Personalisation to B1 level
  • Actively Engaging Learners to C1 level

For more information about the competences and the proficiency levels see the Selfie for Teachers Toolkit here.

Learning Objectives

  • Revisit the pedagogical principles of interactive and collaborative learning.
  • Discover tools and methodologies to increase interaction and collaboration in the classroom.
  • Design and plan the use of ICT for on-site and distance teaching scenarios.
  • Enhance standard educational materials with interactive tools and applications.
  • Gamify classroom activities.
  • Use video and audio for teaching and learning.
  • Explore emerging technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  • Discover Future Classroom Lab, its learning zones and technologies.


The course combines both hands-on activities and background information, including lectures, discussions, case studies, and group activities. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences, challenges, and successes, and to collaborate with one another to develop innovative learning scenarios that make use of technology,

Target Audience

This course is aimed at teachers and other school staff at primary and secondary levels of all subjects, enthusiastic to create innovative learning opportunities and discover interactive technologies for teaching and learning. 


All courses will be delivered in English and the participants must have at least solid basic skills in English language (listening, speaking) to be able to follow up the instruction and take part in the course activities.

Read more Practical information here.