Interactive technologies for the future classroom

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  • Duration: 5 days 
  • Dates: November 20-24, 2023
  • Course ID: 568

Course description

The Future Classroom Lab is a great place to discover interactive technologies for teaching and learning!

A common challenge that teachers face in the traditional classroom setting is getting all students actively involved. Here, well-chosen technology can help pupils to move from ‘audience' into active learners. ICT provides opportunities for students to be active in different ways that support their own learning styles. This also can help the teacher to move away from the teacher-led lessons.

Furthermore, the social and physical distancing protocols imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic made us explore how interactive technologies can offer more flexibility with teaching methods but also keep students engaged while at the same time offering them opportunities to develop skills and knowledge.

About the course: In this course the participants will reflect on the pedagogical principles which enable interactive and collaborative learning settings and environments. The participants will learn in this course tools and methodologies to increase and enhance the level of interaction in the classroom, such as presenting and collaboration, digital storytelling, video and audio, interactive exercises and gamification.

Learning objectives

  • Revisit the pedagogical principles of interactive and collaborative learning.
  • Discover tools and methodologies to increase interaction and collaboration in the classroom.
  • Design and plan the use of ICT for on-site and distance teaching scenarios.
  • Enhance standard educational materials with interactive tools and applications.
  • Gamify classroom activities.
  • Use video and audio for teaching and learning.
  • Explore emerging technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  • Discover Future Classroom Lab, its learning zones and technologies.


Comments from our participants

  • "I wanted to be in the Future Classroom and see how all the different spaces and resources allow a group to work at the same time. During the course, I could fulfil entirely this objective. We were allowed to experiment everything we wanted and having the support we needed."
  • "I really enjoyed this course thanks to the trainer's expertise and help. We learnt a lot and had fun all together! I'm sure I will use what I've learnt during this week in my practice."
  • "All the tiniest details were organized perfectly, the level of arrangement and teaching is incredibly high."
  • "I loved the using of all the different tools to create online quizzes and tests, as well as the tools to vote and to make interactive presentations."
  • "The course encouraged me to use more ICT in eTwinning projects, and in my school. I'm so glad I met new teachers from different countries."

Further information


  • The course is listed in the School Education Gateway course catalogue
  • This is a 5-day course, from Monday to Friday. It is also possible to take part in a shorter, 3-day version from Monday to Wednesday. Priority is given to the 5-day participants.
  • This is a full-day course meaning the daily instruction time is approximately 6,5 hours.
  • The meals that are part of the course fee package include 5 lunches and coffee breaks.
  • The participants are welcome to join social & cultural activities organised in some evenings.
  • The participants should have at least basic knowledge on ICT and be able to communicate in English.
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