CRA Río Viar

After training in various courses (2019-2020) on the project the Future Classroom Lab, we summarize and extract from the INTEF website the following considerations of the project: It's a reconfigurable space divided into five areas plus an interactive classroom. Its equipment is distributed throughout the different areas and includes digital whiteboards, specific school furniture with connection facilities, materials to facilitate research, a small recording studio, interactive tables, computer stations and a traditional work corner. The most remarkable feature of the classroom is the division into activity zones, which are intended to favor and stimulate the teaching and learning processes, making the student the protagonist of the whole process: he/she investigates, interacts, exchanges, develops, creates and presents. This concept of space organization is aimed at the development of students' skills beyond the acquisition of contents.
This space is created in the Libraries of the Centers that becomes the main axis and backbone of the Center Projects.

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