Creative Learning Spaces

To implement the vision of the school community the adequate resources need to be in place to nurture the 21st Century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, character education and citizenship. In this scenario learners will need the adequate digital resources to conduct research, construct their own conceptual artefacts, having the adequate physical environment where they can discuss their ideas and present their work. The idea is to engage in project-based approach where a balance is sought between learning and knowledge building. Learners are encouraged to come up with new ideas through an inquiry-based approach and to find a solution to a given problem by going through a number of phases such as Explore, Discuss, Create, Test, Evaluate and Share. In this scenario it is a must to provide ample opportunities for learners to engage in self and peer reflections which are an integral part in formative assessment procedures.


Commercial partnership

The school is strictly collaborating with the Ministry of Education and The Spiro Mizzi Foundation for the setup of the Creative Learning Spaces (CLS).

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St Margaret College, Senglea Primary School, No 4 Old Prison Street, Senglea ISL 1031

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