CriTecL@b is a differentiating space, with a different disposition and resources, an open environment to create and apply different and motivating pedagogies in the teaching-learning process where Creativity and Technologies are combined with learning to do by doing.
In this space, teachers can develop teaching techniques and pedagogies for collaboration, exploration, cooperation, inverted classroom, project work and much more.

At CriTecL@b it is possible to find differentiating furniture that allows modifying the room layout and different technological equipment such as: iPads, android tablets, Promethean ActivPanel screen, microbits, Makey Makey, Bee Bot, Ozobots, Parrot drone, Lego We Do, Lego Boost , Lego EV3, Lego Simple Machines, games to stimulate multiple intelligences, scanner, printer, Arduino kits, desktop computers, portable computers, green screen background, photo camera and film camera…

CriTecL@b is an innovative learning space open to the use of pre-school, primary and elementary and secondary education students.


Commercial Partners

So far we have only had the support of the Vieira de Leiria Parish Council and the Marinha Grande City Council.

CriTecL@b is also supported by the LEIRIMAR Teacher Training Center and by the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. 


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Rua D. António Pereira Coutinho, 2430-909 Vieira de Leiria, Portugal

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