CriTecL@b is a varied space with unique configuration and resources, an open environment to create and apply different and motivating pedagogies in the teaching-learning process, a place where creativity and technologies are combined with learning-by-doing.
In this space, teachers can develop teaching techniques and pedagogies for collaboration, exploration, cooperation, inverted classroom, project work and much more.

At CriTecL@b one can find reconfigurable furniture that allows modifying the room layout and different technological tools such as: iPads, android tablets, Promethean ActivPanel screen, microbits, Makey Makey, Bee Bot, Ozobots, Parrot drone, Lego We Do, Lego Boost , Lego EV3, Lego Simple Machines, games to stimulate multiple talents, scanner, printer, Arduino kits, desktop computers, portable computers, green screen background, photo camera and film camera…

CriTecL@b is an innovative learning space open to pre-school, primary, elementary and secondary education students.


Commercial Partners

So far, we have only had the support of the Vieira de Leiria Parish Council and the Marinha Grande City Council.

CriTecL@b is also supported by the LEIRIMAR Teacher Training Center and by the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. 


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Rua D. António Pereira Coutinho, 2430-909 Vieira de Leiria, Portugal