Cumhuriyet FCL (TR)

Inspired by FCL, we redesigned our class and developed class activities with technology to promote fun and active learning. As teachers, we also develop ourselves by learning new things in this classroom.

In our future classroom lab we aim to improve English language skills of our students and we aim to give them the opportunity to learn English in an enjoyable way through the use of technology. Our target group are students who learn English intensively at school, aged between 11-16 years.

The majority of activities include technology and through that students are able to improve their four basic skills. The space gives them an opportunity to choose to work individually or in groups, they can play board board games, read books, use camera and shoot videos. In addition, they use DynEd and other software programmes. The space is organized in learning zones:

  • In exchange zone we use brainstorming and mind mapping software.
  • In development zone we use board games, do reading activities, and use e-books.
  • In interact zone we use mind mapping, web 2.0 tools, AnswerGarden, Mentimeter, Learning Response, online quizzes and surveys system.
  • In present zone we use Prezi, Piktochart, streaming software and animation software.
  • In create zone we use green screen and video editing software
  • In investigate zone we use DynEd, Duolingo, Voscreen. Mondly, Quizlet and Memrise.


Commercial partners

No commercial partners at the moment. This future classroom lab was sponsored by Cumhuriyet secondary schools and by charity fair organized with parents.

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