ECLA (Ecole de l’avenir)

ECLA (Ecole de l'avenir) is dedicated to collaborative study relations as it is equipped with mobile furniture, FatBoy beanbags, touch screen monitors, writable walls and tablets. The traditional learning/meeting context changed; new ways of teaching, studying or conducting a meeting arouse. This innovative space even enables the school to create partnerships with private companies when it comes to testing design furniture or acoustic wall and ceiling systems.

The ECLA learning lab was created in 2014 by and for the educative community to meet the pedagogical needs of its pupils from 2016 on. This vast, unused space brought about the transformation of a top-down teacher-to-pupil relationship to an active, pupil-centred learning approach. Although the teachers were reluctant at first to use the lab, it not only prompted them to question their pedagogical practices, but also motivated those who were ready to innovate in education.


Collège Jean Philippe Rameau
 Lyon (France, 69), middle school