Ecophon logoEcophon is a global supplier of acoustic systems that contribute to good room acoustics and a healthy indoor environment with the focus on offices, education, health care and industrial manufacturing premises. Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group and has sales units and distributors in many countries. Ecophon efforts are guided by a vision of earning global leadership in room acoustic comfort through sound-absorbing systems, enhancing end-user performance and wellbeing. Ecophon maintains an ongoing dialogue with government agencies, working environment organizations and research institutes, and is involved in formulating national standards in the field of room acoustics where Ecophon contributes to a better working environment wherever people work and communicate.

Sound absorbing panels for better learning environments

Ecophon Having sound absorbing panels, especially a full suspended ceiling, is a basic and fundamental starting point to reduce the sound level and support good speech clarity and overall communication quality. In addition, there should be wall panel absorbers to take out late reflections starting with the back wall. Several studies and have shown that with improved room acoustic conditions the students' social behaviour becomes calmer and the teachers experience lower physiological load (heart rate) as well as less fatigue.

Meeting minimum acoustic standards does not mean a sound environment will work in all teaching and learning senarios. We need to make sure that acoustics are now given an even greater standing, to go beyond minimum requirements, when it comes to investing in the educational premises and ensuring the optimum educational outcomes as these environments must be "future proofed" to provide "fit for purpose" classrooms. This will provide environments which are suitable for modern teaching and learning approaches such as group work and communication in pairs and to support the "Inclusion" of hearing impaired and other sensitive listeners.

For Inclusion, additional low frequency absorption can balance the sound environment in the unwanted and disturbing low frequencies (125Hz) and may be necessary for inclusion of children who are sensitive or vulnerable listeners. This includes a wide range of students who can be described as sensitive listeners and can include; permanent hearing impaired, temporary hearing impaired, partially sighted, autistic, ADHD, non-native language speakers or even the more introverted students. Without any additional low frequency absorption (125Hz) in the classroom there can be an imbalance in the room acoustics for speech clarity where low frequency sound can build up and interfere with the speech frequencies. This makes it harder to hear the necessary consonants which give the words their meaning and thus the information. This make understanding speech harder as the consonant sounds are overpowered or masked by the vowels and other low frequency sounds which can build up due to the lack of appropriate absorption. Addressing these issues will have a significant impact on the conditions for speech communication, not just for the inclusion of sensitive listeners but for teachers and all the students and the developing teaching and learning activities.

Ecophon is proud to be a partner with the Future Classroom Lab as part of the excellent EU Schoolnet in Brussels. We are not only a manufacturer of sound absorbing ceiling and wall panels, we are totally committed to work towards and support research and development in and related to educational environments. We know how important it is to have good acoustics in learning environments both to support teachers and students around all speech communication activities and to support positive management and behaviour in schools which are vital in setting the tone and atmosphere in class lesson s from the outset.

A key research study where Ecophon are active industry partners in the ILETC Australian Research Council project which is a 4-year study incorporating 8 ongoing PhD studies. Ecophon is proud to an Industry partner in this groundbreaking project looking into what an Innovative Learning Environment is and what is required for Teacher Change to enable future learning spaces to work effectively for both good teaching and learning outcomes.

More about the project here.

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