Educational Repositories Network (EdReNe)

The Educational Repositories Network (EdReNe) is a knowledge sharing network of European repository owners and practitioners dedicated to the exchange of expertise and best practices in the learning resources domain.

The network offers seminars and webinars to facilitate the exchange of expertise and best practices in the field of e-learning, interoperability of content repositories and Open Educational Practices. These events provide opportunities for digital learning communities in Europe to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field and learn about new and ongoing initiatives. Presentations from in person seminars, best practice recommendations and recorded webinars are freely available online. A different member each year hosts the in-person seminar at their organisation’s premises, shapes the thematic contours of the event, invites external speakers, and facilitates the seminars which are typically 1,5 days long in duration.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations working in the field of learning resource infrastructure design and management. Members have included European Ministries of Education’s educational portal owners, private companies involved in the development of educational resources, educational content publishers, educators, and researchers. There is no cost to join. Currently, EdReNe members can expect to meet one time in person per year along with the opportunity to join or listen to a recording of at least one new webinar per year.

Interested in joining? Please contact