FCL 10th Anniversary Activities

The Future Classroom Lab (FCL), created by European Schoolnet, is an inspirational learning environment, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology, and design in their classrooms. For the past 10 years since the opening of the FCL in January 2012, European Schoolnet and its supporting Ministries of Education have worked closely with a growing number of EdTech providers to ensure an independently funded and sustainable platform. 

Actors from across the world have been inspired by the idea and the network of Learning Labs was created, independent initiatives created and adapted to the local context and to provide for local needs. Many of our member Ministries of Education have appointed FCL Lead Ambassadors to promote and help mainstream the concept of the Future Classroom Lab, and to support educational innovation in local networks of teachers.  

Throughout the years, the FCL ecosystem has produced numerous studies, reports, guidelines, and best practices for teachers, heads of schools, administrators, and policy makers, supporting them in the transformation of educational practices and in implementing digital education policies that address the challenges of the 21st century. 

In 2022 the FCL is turning 10, let’s kick off the celebrations with a video from Jan de Craemer, Chairman of European Schoolnet

Would you like to discover the Future Classroom Lab? We have set up a virtual tour for discovering our Lab in Brussels, its learning zones and the available tools from our partners. Take the 3D tour here!


Webinar series

Since its creation, the FCL has hosted multiple face-to-face training workshops and webinars to develop visions for the school of the future and strategies on how to realise these. Through its six learning zones, it has allowed visitors to explore students' and teachers' skills and roles, learning styles, learning environment design, current and emerging technology, and societal trends affecting education.

To celebrate the 10 years of activity, the FCL team will organise, in collaboration with its partners, a series of about five webinars with FCL Industry partners & Ambassadors on topics around innovation, technology, pedagogy, and space: 



From remote to hybrid and blended learningTuesday, 3 May 2022 17:00 CEST
Designing innovative and inclusive learning spacesThursday, 1 September 2022 11:00 CEST
Problem solving and computational thinkingFriday, 21 October 2022 11:00 CEST
Game-based Learning & PedagogyThursday, 15 December 2022 16:00 CEST

Keep checking this page for more updates! 

To celebrate the 10 years of FCL with us on social media please use the hashtag #FCL_10