FCLP2I (Future Classroom at Lycée Pilote Innovant International)

The FCLP2I Learning lab offers a hub for innovative teaching and learning styles. What can be experienced in perfect conditions of furnitures, space and technology broaden the vision of active learning for both students and teachers. Meaningful technology and furnitures as well as ideas and behaviours are exported outside the Lab, across the school and beyond.

In the Collaborative Room, teachers act as DJs, mixing educational content made by the students thanks to mobile seatings, writable walls and screen mirroring technology The project-based-learning room gives freedom and inspiration to students to develop, share and reflect on their projects, the way fablabs do. The videoconference room helps the lessons connect the world. Every spaces of the FCLP2I is aims at developping 21st century skills.


LP2I (Lycée Pilote Innovant International) - upper secondary school
Marigny (Poitiers, 86)