#MicrosoftEDULab by Microsoft

The MicrosoftEDULab is an educational transformation space where students and teachers can explore and think about the role that pedagogy, technology and design play in education. Our main purpose was creating an inspirational environment that helps educators interact and feel comfortable with new technologies, and gives them clear examples of how to implement innovative methodologies and technologies into their everyday lesson plans.

Educators need to develop their 21st-century skills, stimulate individual and collaborative learning through creativity and propose active methodologies that support the teaching-learning process.

Technology is present in many ways, the #MicrosoftEDULab encourages teacher to change their role in the classroom and to give prominence to the students who need to play the main role in their own learning. The reconfigurable furniture in this lab helps organize the space to fit the main purpose of the activity taking place at that moment. Thus, it supports the different kind of learning.

The schedule is divided in two. During the first half of the day, we welcome groups of students from different schools to participate in our classroom activities, while in the afternoon, we teach teachers how to implement all these new technologies in their own classrooms.

Activities for students and teachers:

  • Minecraft Education Edition: showing students and teachers how to navigate the Minecraft world and to create curriculum content using this tool.

  • 3D Design and Print: focused on creating 3d models to complement the curriculum content that the students are seeing in class. We would like to use this tool mainly to understand and manipulate the content in an interactive way.

  • Hacking STEM: the use of STEM in our classroom has helped us focus on teaching students how to follow instructions, to be patient while building and coding the device etc.

  • Office 365: we like to use Office 365 for the overall promotion of collaborative and communicative learning. We ask the students to organize an event using this tool without any physical talking.

Commercial Partners

This learning space has been funded mostly by Microsoft. The equipment and the resources like the laptops, white digital board, furniture, etc. have been provided by all the different partners that we collaborate with.

Other commercial partners are:

  • Steelcase – furniture
  • SMART Technologies – Digital Whiteboard
  • LEGO Education, Robotics – Coding, Robotics
  • STEM Possible Lab – MineAcademy (Minecraft: Education Edition) and Hacking STEM
  • Voladd - 3D Design and Print


More information

You can find more infromation about the project here and make a resenvation of the MicrosoftEDULab now!



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