MOSAIC develops and adapts learning spaces to facilitate the innovative use of ICT and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning. It aims to inspire school leaders and teachers to rethink their current classroom practice and demonstrate how even small changes to existing learning spaces can significantly improve students' active learning.

The technological devices that are used by students in the learning space are two computers, two whiteboards, two green boards, two smart boards, 3D printers, LCD televisions, green montage screen, two soft boxes, two tablet computers, professional cameras, two mBot educational robots, two robotic arm, Arduino sets and other tools.

Students are encouraged to discover new technologies and to learn by choosing the appropriate technology for their activities. An ideal learning environment is provided for students by blending technology and learning.

Commercial partners

No commercial partners. The lab has received government funding.

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Feride Bekçioğlu Secondary School

Yunus Emre Mahallesi, Sembol Sk. No:6, 06145

Pursaklar/Ankara, Turkey