Sala de Aula do Futuro - Setubal (SAF)

The main users of this learning space are the school's students. A pilot class will begin to work in the SAF on a regular basis every week. With the presence of at least two teachers of different subjects, a learning scenario based on the tutorial developed by the ITEC project will be utilized.

Other student groups from the school can also go to the SAF provided that their teachers have created a learning scenario to try with the students.

The other target group are the STEM teachers of the school and of the neighboring cities which can hold and receive teacher trainings in the lab. This more technical training is provided by the partner companies and is focused on the proper use of the equipment. In return, partner companies can use SAF, after booking, to showcase their new products to prospective clients. 

Finally, the Teachers Training Centre from Setúbal also runs teacher sessions on IBL methodology. The Learning Space is partially self-funded and partially sponsored by partners. The school utilizes the latest technologies such as Desktop Computers, Interactive white boards, Interactive table, Tablets, Sensors, Graphic calculators.

Commercial Partners:

  • J.Roma (PASCO)
  • Promethean
  • Texas Instruments
  • Microsoft
  • JP - IK
  • Cienditec
  • Porto Editora
  • Science4you

More information:

Find out more about the Sala de Aula do Futuro and the process of building a Future Classroom in a K12 school in this webinar.



Escola Secundária Dom Manuel Martins
Av. António Sérgio
2914-505 Setúbal