UAegean-Eng Future Lab (GR)

Description: The Digital Centre for Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (UAegean-Eng Future Lab) of the School of Engineering, University of the Aegean, which is located in the beautiful island of Syros and Capital of the Cyclades, is a physical and virtual meeting and collaboration space for the local community and visitors of the island, schools, public institutions, professional organizations, and entrepreneurs, as well as for the scientific community, researchers, and students of the of the University of the Aegean in Syros.

The UAegean-Eng Future Lab’s, main goal is to operate as an open space that will contribute to the familiarization with digital technologies and their applications (from the simplest to the most advanced, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, robotics, internet of things, 3D printing, etc.), and will support, in collaboration with the University's Office of Technology Transfer, the development of digital transformation services and products in the fields of tourism, culture, primary and secondary sector, and also entrepreneurship linked to the Blue and Green Economy.

The UAegean-Eng Future Lab aims:

• to introduce innovative and emerging technologies to private and public sector stakeholders

•  to share and exchange good practices

•  to support regional innovation and entrepreneurship

•   to contribute to the co-creation of pilot actions and applications according to the community’s needs

•   to support local community’s growth by developing training programs •   to train the trainers in the use of new technologies and reinforce the culture of life-long learning education

•   to promote the cultural identity of the island of Syros

The Digital Centre for Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Engineering, is hosted on the ground floor of the reconstructed building of the former Κornilaki tannery. Kornilaki building is a historical building, through the reconstruction of which is highlighted the rich and long-standing industrial tradition of the island of Syros. UAegean-Eng Future Lab is well equipped with innovative technologies, such as VR, AR, 3D Printers and Scanners, 360o cameras, green room, etc.

Overall, the Digital Centre for Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (UAegean-Eng Future Lab) in Syros, is a key infrastructure to promote innovation, new working practices and education by cultivating digital and innovative skills.

Partnership: Preparatory meetings are currently being held with organisations and companies operating in the island of Syros, particularly in the fields of culture, tourism and education, while the signing of MoU's with several stakeholders is being prepared.

Address: I. Polytechneiou 98, Kornilaki Building,Ermoupolis, 84100, Syros, Greece_


Eleftheria Kiale, contact person/co-ordinator, e-mail:

Dean, School of Engineering, Dr Petros Kavassalis, e-mail: