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Develop Zone - Future Classroom LabThe Develop zone is a space for informal learning and self-reflection. Students can carry out school work independently at their own pace, but they can also learn informally while concentrating on their own interests outside of the formal classroom settings both at school and at home. By providing ways to foster self-directed learning, the school supports learners' self-reflection and meta-cognition skills. The school encourages its students towards true lifelong learning by acknowledging and validating informal learning.

Key points for Develop

  • Allowing for an informal environment: the informal learning space at the school can be a more home-like environment, allowing for a more relaxed and non-monitored space.
  • Supporting motivation and self-expression: teachers can support personalised learning, for example, with tailored learning activities, or by allowing more freedom to learners in selecting their topics of investigation. Students can also develop their personal learning portfolios.
  • Using personal learning devices: personal learning devices, like netbooks and tablets, provide access to online resources and virtual learning environments both at home and at school
  • Adopting ways to recognise informal learning: learning diaries and portfolios can be used to keep track of informal learning.
  • Flipped classroom: students engage in well-structured independent learning at home, allowing the teacher to devote the time in the classroom to project work and collaboration.
  • Learning through play: providing educational games for pupils to use during breaks and after school.

Useful equipment

  • Informal furniture
  • Study corners
  • Portable devices
  • Audio devices and headphones
  • Books and e-books
  • Games (analogue and digital)


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