Digg Learning Lab

Digg Læring lab is a part of Knappskog school, a primary school outside of Bergen. We started our dig learning project in 2015 and went fully digital in 2017. The fact that we are fully digital allows us to achieve even more than with traditional educational classwork.

With the help of digital devices and tools, we have turned around our teaching strategies and methods. Our goal is that our pupils will not only know as much as other pupils of the same age, but even more. Our focus is on learning, motivation and achievement for the pupils. We have tried to turn around the traditional teaching model in order to better equip our pupils with 21st-century skills. We have also had coding on the curriculum since we started our digital project.

The makerspace is available for all teachers and students of the school. The makerspace is our way of combining science, technology, engineering, mechanics and arts and crafts – STEM activities!

Our makerspace is equipped with innovative technologies, such as 3D-printers, vinyl-cutters laptops, microcontrollers, small robots, drones, and VR/AR units. We also have an AR sandbox.


Commercial partnership

We have a small cooperation with Acos, a local IT company.


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Fjæreidevegen 30, 5360 Kolltveit, Norway