DigTekLab, Norway

DigTekLab is a learning lab at campus Notodden at the University of South-East Norway. DigTekLab is inspired by the Future Classroom Lab concept and the Maker Movement. The lab is divided into zones for interacting and presenting, investigating and creating, developing, and exchanging. There is also an area for greenscreen/audio/video production. At DigTekLab the students and staff can use typical maker tools such as laser cutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter as well as more common educational technologies.

DigTekLab is designed as a meeting place for students and staff at the university, pupils, kindergarten kids and researchers. One of the most important goals is to give lab users opportunities to be creators, not only consumers of digital content. DigTekLab is in a state of perpetual beta, and will be further developed in line with the development of technology.

The goal is to prepare teachers and students for the complexities of teaching and technology in the future.

Commercial Partners

There are no commercial partners involved.

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Lærerskoleveien 40, 3679 Notodden, Norway