Interaction and Technology Lab (EAT), Cyprus

At the Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL), we believe that technology enables the design of constructivist learning environments and implementation of such pedagogy. In line with this philosophy, in 2011, CIL undertook the transformation of a traditional university classroom into a technology-rich teaching space, so called the Interaction and Technology Lab (EAT). In EAT we teach a number of university courses, in which students use affordable technologies to engage in problem based learning. EAT is equipped with smart devices (e.g., tablets, ipods, smartphones), and technological gadgets (e.g., SenseCam, pen-readers) charging in secured cabinets, two multitouch interactive tabletops, downward-pointing projectors powered by MAC mini computers, noise control mechanisms for better group work, and classroom response systems. We also encourage the use of Web 2.0 tools to extend learners' collaboration and interaction beyond the classroom walls. Orchestrating problem-based learning within a technology-enhanced and networked classroom is a complex task, but also an exciting and rewarding educational experience for both educators and learners. Through the project "Creative Information Spaces for Problem Based Learning" (funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation), CIL has promoted EAT as a future learning space for university instructors and K-12 educators in Cyprus.  

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Cyprus University of Technology

EAT lab, Roussos Building, Square of the Heroes 

94 Anexartisias street, 3040, Limassol, Cyprus

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