Interaction and Technology Lab (EAT), Cyprus

At the Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL), we promote the design of constructivist learning environments and the implementation of the relevant pedagogy. The main room of the lab is a technology-rich space equipped with state-of-the-art emerging technologies. Students can work and experiment with educational robots from anything as simple as ready-to-use robots to the more complex build-your-own robots. They can also play with 3D pens & 3D printers, circuits and sensors, and even programmable humanoid robots like NAO. Students can use microprocessors, micro-controllers, and microcomputers to bring their robots to life. 

The room is equipped with stationary and mobile Virtual Reality systems with motion trackers which immerse people in the in-house building experiences. Visitors can enhance their reality via Augmented Reality glasses.

The walls and floor are morphed into interactive surfaces using high-end projectors and tracking cameras. Touchscreen tablets enhance the experiences of collaboration and communication. The Design Thinking Room is equipped with various audio-visual technologies such as projectors, TV, tablets and computers, brainstorming boards, creativity toolkits, accessibility toolkits, and stationery. The classroom provides microphones, cameras and other technologies that enable hybrid learning. Students are able to participate in the workshops remotely or be part of the on-site teams via remote desk cameras and microphones. The lab is a space where you can co-operatively explore solutions, ask the right questions, and tackle problems as a team.

Our usability room is equipped with state-of-the-art UX equipment. The room is perfect for diving deeper into our test subjects’ thoughts and actions when it comes to human-computer interaction. We are able to do that through the screen-based eye trackers, mobile eye-trackers, and eye-tracking glasses with which the room is equipped. Additionally, the room has multiple monitors, cameras, and microphones to capture our subjects’ facial expressions, actions and thoughts, while EEG technology scans their brain waves.

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Cyprus University of Technology

EAT lab, Roussos Building, Square of the Heroes 

94 Anexartisias street, 3040, Limassol, Cyprus