EcoL@b (FR)

The spirit of EcoL@b is to create a unique working environment in which pupils of two classes will circulate according to specific tasks. The furniture, the spaces and the colors have been totally redesigned. These variables have been modified and adapted to pedagogical practice.
 We wanted to work on the individualization of the paths of the students in order to be able to offer everyone what he needs at a time T of his schooling. We work in the pedagogy of creativity in school, with these two classes involved in the project. Numeracy plays an important role here, and social innovation projects are very present in the life of the class. A TV / Radio studio is present to enhance and spread the activities of the class towards the outside. We emphasize individual initiatives, risk-taking and autonomy so that everyone can flourish.


 Ecole Primaire de Druye - primary school
 Druye (Indre-et-Loire)

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