edu.lab at Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium

Our lab is meant to provide an inspirational learning environment that helps all the members of our school and their partners experience and work with new technologies. We want to show them examples of how to implement innovative methodologies and technologies into their daily lessons. Pupils and teachers of Jakob Fugger Grammar School make use of the technology, which is at their disposal during their daily lessons and projects. In addition to that, teachers and students of the University of Augsburg are using the edu.lab to plan and test new concepts. Moreover, we develop teacher training activities in the frame of "teaching and learning with digital technologies" to keep up with the latest developments in technology and media.

In our innovative learning space, there are different learning zones based on the concept of the FCL in Brussels. Furthermore, the room is equipped with furniture in accordance with a new ergonomical concept called "Moving Sitness" and flexible folding tables.

Our edu.lab offers the following technologies:

  • Calliope, Arduino and Raspberry Pi for interactive coding
  • Interactive SMART-Board with a presenting arena for professional presentation and video conferences together with a specific video conference system
  • HP360 convertible tablet computers (education version) for all purposes
  • Touchtables for collaborative learning
  • Workstations for CAD and CFD
  • HP-Sprout Multimedia station with 3d-scanner
  • Dremel 3D-printers
  • High Performance VR-station with an Oculus Rift and a zSpace-3D-monitor
  • LEGO EV3-kits
  • Makeblock mBot (Educational-Robot-Kit)
  • Professional video area equipped with digital cameras (pocketcams, 360°-HD-cam) and chroma keying for producing video and audio podcasts

Commercial Partners

The main sponsor of edu.lab is the City of Augsburg. We have also developed partnerships with Fujitsu AG (Hardware), CADenas AG (CAD, 3D printing and VR), Topstar GmbH (fitness-stools for ergonomical sitting in motion), Dr. Kaiser Systemhaus GmbH (IT-Management), 19 Zoll-Tec GmbH (Rack and multimedia station), VDI Bezirksverein Augsburg (3D printing)

For further information please visit:


Jörg Haas, Head of the edu.lab-project


Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg

Kriemhildenstraße 5

D-86152 Augsburg, Germany