Educational Robotics and STEM Lab, Greece

Educational Robotics and STEM Lab is part of the 7th Senior High School of Trikala and is the first to be established in a public school in Greece. The Computer Science teachers of the school, who are responsible for the design, the establishment and the operation of the Lab, have implemented several innovative practices in the last years related to Robotics, STEM and hands-on activities, while they strongly support the maker movement. This learning space is used not only by students and teachers of the school but also by other local schools in the form of guided tours. The lab is also used as an inspirational environment that provides workshops to the local teachers in collaboration with Directorate of Secondary Education of Trikala and the Municipality of Trikala. Robotics lessons, environmental projects and coding activities are carried out not only within the curriculum but also as extracurricular activities. Students are using Lego Mindstorms EV3, Arduino circuits, kits and sensors, drones, Raspberry Pi kits, tablets and 3d printers to develop their creative prototypes and their skills, and they usually take part in European or national competitions. You can find the videos of the school's projects on the dedicated Youtube channel.

Commercial Partners:

Its establishment was funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation, after submitting our proposal to them. The one 3d printer was donated by Olympus Dairy Industry and the other one by the Municipality of Trikala. Some of the equipment is provided by the Municipality of Trikala. The drones were donated by Google for our participation in EU Code Week 2015.

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Educational Robotics and STEM Lab
Argonafton 1A, 42100
Trikala, Greece