EduFor Innov@tive Classroom Lab

EduFor Innov@tive Classroom Lab (EduFor ICL@b) is an Edufor Training Centre Project, inspired by European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. The learning space was inaugurated on the 10th of May 2016 and it offers two classrooms, containing six learning areas, with easy access to a large auditorium which can host major learning activities and seminars. The lab is used for training teachers (trainings are organised for national and international teachers) and pupils alike. Lessons are part of the regular curricula as well as of special lectures. In all the activities in this space, the pedagogical approach always reflects the aim of developing 21st-century skills. Besides its use for student and teacher trainings, this space hosts many external entities who come to EduFor ICL@b to be inspired.

Available equipment: LEGO robots, a NAO humanoid robot, interactive panels and smartphones.
All furniture is from Steelcase.  

Commercial Partners:

EduFor Innov@tive Classroom Lab receives financial support from various stakeholders - the Municipality of Mangualde, EduFor Training Centre and local companies. The Ministry of Education is also a partner. EduFor ICL@B was opened in 2016 with the material support of 40 stakeholders. See the list.   

Currently, the most active companies in this field use the space to test new products intended for the education market. Several product launches have already taken place at EduFor ICL@B (example).

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