EDULAB CR, Czech Republic

EDUkační LABoratoř (EDULAB CR) is a non-profit organization focused on the effective implementation of digital technologies and the use of digital educational content in the learning process with appropriate methodological and didactical support for the teachers.

EDULAB CR organizes seminars, workshops, sample lessons and conferences for teachers, students and future teachers in regions all over the Czech Republic. It shows them how to use modern technology (tablets and other devices) and digital educational content in lessons and how to choose adequate applications for each subject. The lab is being funded mainly by its partners and most of the courses and activities are free of charge.

In the learning space there are Samsung LFD ED65D with Samsung touch overlay, computer, tablets (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition Wi-Fi P6000 white), Samsung School software and Wi-Fi infrastructure, notebooks, webcam and digital camera. The lab uses also digital gadgets for early childhood education (for example Bee-Bot and digital microscope).

In cooperation with its commercial partners EDULAB CR runs School at a Touch project. In this project twelve schools from the Czech Republic are enrolled into the experimental project of teaching with tablets and touchscreen boards. Over 1 000 pupils and 100 teachers are involved in the project. Those schools were in September 2014 equipped with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablets, Samsung LFD ED65D, Samsung School software and Wi-Fi infrastructure and PC with 24 inch monitor.  Samsung School solution is used in tablets to interconnect with a 65 inch touchscreen board.

After the first year of the main project a few subprojects had been launched. In the School at a Touch ACADEMY teachers from the schools involved in School at a Touch project run seminars for other teachers to share their practical experiences.

School at a Touch UNIVERSITY project focuses on preparation of future teachers in a field of usage of modern technologies. Through the project 4 universities were equipped with tablets, Samsung LFD ED65D, Samsung School software, Wi-Fi infrastructure and PC with 24 inch monitor.

School at a Touch PLAY is a project where students and teachers can learn the basics of programming.

EDULAB CR also runs a project focused on usage of digital content in schools. During 2016/2017 the project is opened for 3 000 schools from the Czech Republic.

For kindergarten teachers the lab runs a project called "Školka hrou" where teachers use the lab's textbooks Školka hrou with interactive boards and digital educational content

Commercial partners:

  • Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak
  • EDULOGY Ltd. 

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EDUkační LABoratoř, z.s.,Tetris Office Building

Budějovická 1550/15a

140 00, Praha 4

Czech Republic

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