3.0 School and Classroom kits

EDURegio 3.0 School and Classroom Kits: guidelines and toolkit for school leaders and teachers

As part of the EDURegio project, a set of guidelines for teachers and school leaders were developed: the 3.0 School and Classroom Kits. The kit includes resources for teachers to reflect on, develop and implement their digital practice in the classroom with the ultimate goal of empowering and facilitating learner´s digital competence. It aims to support teachers with different levels of digital competency, and empower them to lead their own learning process, becoming an inspiration for other teachers.

This toolkit includes templates, resources and guidelines for teachers and headmasters to inspire them to integrate ICT and digital competences in their curricula, but also to participate more meaningfully to the EU Code Week campaign. In addition, a manual on how to run Coding Jams and Edu Hackathons: education-oriented co-creation hackathon-style events for teachers and students, is also offered among the many other resources. The kit aims to be a central point for teachers to access different online and digital tools with the purpose of helping them to implement those in the classroom.

The Schools and Classroom Kit is divided into four chapters: Policy recommendations, Classroom Kit, Actions for Schools, and Hackathons for Schools. Along with the Kit, each chapter includes an Annex comprised by curated learning scenarios developed by teachers for teachers to support the implementation of digital competence in the classroom.


3.0.0 School and Classroom Kits: Policy brief recommendations

This chapter of the Kit includes a reflection by the regions involved in the project on their work in the field of digital education. The regions of Catalonia (Spain), Coimbra (Portugal), Göteborg (Sweden) and Trento (Italy) reflect on their work to date on digital skills and digital education and draw conclusions for future policy implementations and work at regional level.






3.0.1 School and Classroom Kits: Classroom Kits

In this chapter, ICT implementation at classroom level is discussed. The chapter includes reflection on matching pedagogically meaningful content with ICT resources, as well as a reflection on digital education resources in inquiry-based learning. This part of the Kit offers guidelines on how to plan a learning unit with the support of technology, on educational resources for inclusive education and on distance education, among other topics.

This chapter includes an Annex with a selection of curated learning scenarios.




3.0.2 School and Classroom Kits: Actions for Schools

This chapter aims to support schools in developing ICT infrastructure and in integrating digital skills in the curricula. The chapter includes a reflection on teachers' skills, ICT-supported learning, and ICT infrastructure. As well, the chapter includes an overview of how to better integrate coding and computational thinking into school curricula, focusing on robotics in primary education as example, and in the EU Code Week initiative as a resource. 

This chapter includes an Annex with a selection of curated learning scenarios.


3.0.3 School and Classroom Kits: Hackathons for Schools

This chapter aims to support school leaders in implementing innovative pedagogical approaches to teaching digital skills. The chapter includes a reflection on collaborative learning, design thinking and transnational collaboration. As well, the chapter includes practical guideline son how to organise Coding Jams and EduHackathons.

This chapter includes an Annex with a selection of curated learning scenarios.


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