EOI Plasencia

The Future Classroom Lab of the EOI of Plasencia (Aula de los Menesteres) fits perfectly with our goal of achieving a change in the current pedagogical models becoming the "key" that allows us to go a step further to promote the teaching-learning process while ensuring that the process is meaningful.

Taking into account that our teachings are not compulsory, the heterogeneity of our students, the need to mimic our environment, the digital era in which we live and the development of the well-known "soft skills" when learning a second language, make this project improve the quality of what we can offer right now and allow us to group in a single project different experiences that were already being carried out related to it as well as new approaches, activities and learning situations. As Miguel de Unamuno said: "Renew or die".

Our project is being developed in a center where six languages are taught, namely: German, Spanish for foreigners, French, English, German, Italian and Portuguese, from basic level A1 to advanced level C2. We start from a multidisciplinary team specialized in teaching a specific subject that aims to develop a different space where both teachers and students can research, develop, create, present, test and, if it does not work as expected, try again.

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Address: Pl. Sta. Ana, s/n, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres

Contact: Director - eoi.plasencia@edu.juntaex.es