Education is something that people feel passionately about. It is what helps shape our children and provides them opportunity to pursue things that enrich and fulfil their lives.

Epson has spent over 40 years working alongside partners, education experts and schools to ensure that technology is being developed to benefit and enhance learning for students and teachers. 


65% of the world’s population are visual learners

In some ways, education seems much the same as it has for many years, where verbal lectures and similar techniques continue to be the default format for lessons. Yet, by understanding that over 65% of the world’s population  are visual learners, there’s now a necessity to cater better for this dominant demographic.

Visual teaching aids can achieve this. They can provoke discussion and are capable of showcasing complex ideas in a shorter period of time and at greater scale, whilst retaining student interest - especially when combined with verbal learning.

Technology now provides a unique way to improve the quality of learning through visual aids and an efficient way to do this is with projectors.

Old technology holds students and teachers back

60% of teachers say that they lose between 3 and 6 hours per week  grappling with inadequate classroom technology. That is time lost needlessly which could otherwise be dedicated to teaching.

And almost 60% of students in a classroom say that they cannot read all of the content on a 70-inch flat panel screen  - this instantly puts over half of a classroom at a disadvantage.

Epson feels strongly and advocates for children having access to an equal education.

By understanding the needs and challenges faced by students, which hinder their learning process, a simple technology switch from flat panel to projectors can provide a resolution.

Keeping sustainability at the heart of education

With people around the world becoming more conscious of being sustainable, youth being some of the most passionate about reducing carbon footprints, it is of the upmost importance to Epson to ensure that its technology enables customers to meet their own sustainability goals and in turn, save money.

Our projectors are TCO Certified, which is something we’re very proud of. We’ve developed the world’s smallest, high lumens range of projectors, benefiting the environment by using lower power consumption, fewer manufacturing resources and, given the compact technology, reducing packaging and shipping requirements. With Eco Mode available on interactive models, power consumption is cut and lamp life extended. 


The future is bright

Epson is aware of the situation in schools and, as a global technology company, is dedicated to continually developing technology to better education. There is still much to do on the frontline to resolve, update and enhance classroom learning for the benefit of students. The solution is the use of projectors – Epson projector technology promotes interaction and engagement, by allowing pupils and staff to collaborate using laptops, tablets and/or smartphones. Epson projectors offer a large adjustable display size of up to 100 inches, so that an output can be seen by all, no matter the size of the classroom or the number of students.

It is time to include all pupils, some of whom are currently side-lined in the classroom by poor visibility, fully in the learning experience. It is time to engage the disengaged and fascinate the distracted. It is time to stop wasting valuable time on battling old technology and instead use that time to broaden horizons, extend interests and pave the way for a lifetime of active learning.

It is time to bring schools up to date; to give more creativity and learning tools to teachers and to help better student learning.

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