ErünaLAB 6.0

ErünaLAB 6.0 room was created in our school in early 2019 with the support of sponsors, donations and by taking the initiave to make old tools and equipment ready for use again. Our lab provides students with the opportunity to gain 21st century skills and serves as an innovative and active learning environment for students, aiming at blending technology and learning. Students are encouraged to discover new technologies and to learn by choosing the appropriate technology for their activities. The main target groups of ErünaLAB 6.0 are students aged between 14-19.

The lab is equipped with technological devices such as computers, smart boards, whiteboards, green boards, 3D printers, LCD televisions, green montage screen, soft boxes, tablet computers, professional cameras, mBot educational robots, robotic arm, Ardunio sets and other tools.

Our room supports STEMA+ Education, Coding, Encoding, Robotics, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 tools which have become a necessity for all countries in the world, and provides a suitable space for these studies. In addition, Social sciences 4.0 FETC + Applications project (the multidisciplinary process of social sciences), interdisciplinary courses, TEDx Erünal talks, drama, debating and conversation activities and seminars are organized in this lab.



Commercial partners

We do not have any commercial partners yet. Nevertheless, in the days to come we are in cooperation with two big universities near our school to empower our lab both physically, technologically, and theoretically. Also, we are collaborating with some experts who focus on technology, education, training and project-based learning.


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